Let’s Compare

Freezes in as little as 30 minutes!Takes two to three hours to freeze!
No delay in between batches!Delays in between batches
High Productivity for up to 100 people!Low producing machine, can't meet demand!
Looks impressive to your guests, has the "WOW!" factor with our exclusive Tiki Umbrella and grass skirt with silk flowers!Looks cheap! No "WOW" factor!
Can be used outside on hot days!Cannot be used outside on Hot days! It will never freeze!
Pre-set thermostat, no adjustment necessary!Individual thermostats that have to be adjusted for each section throughout your event.
Runs perfectly with or without alcohol!Too much babysitting! Rent this machine and you've wasted your money!
Highest yielding mix available for all flavors at 7 to 1 ratio! Each bottle yields 4.5 to 5 gallons! Competitor's mix is only 4 to 1 ratio...make less mix! Worse value for your money!

Margarita Flavors

  • Margarita

  • Margarita Strawberry

  • Piña Coloda

  • Mango Margaritas

  • Rum Runners

  • Lemonade Smoothies

  • Lemon Drops (Our Favorite)

  • Mango Smoothies

  • Mango Daiquiris

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Strawberry Smoothie

Machine and Mix Recommendations for your Event

Number of GuestsNumber of MachinesNumber of Mixes
0 - 50 Guests1 Machine1-3 Mixes
51 - 100 Guests1 Machine3-5 Mixes
101 - 150 Guests2 Machines5-8 Mixes
151 - 200 Guests2 Machines10 Mixes
200 - 300 Guests3 Machines15 Mixes
300 or MoreCall for QuoteCall for Quote

:: Rental Options

  • Customer Pick Up: $225.00

  • Delivered: $249.00

  • Weekly Rental: $780.00

Daily Rental (includes one FREE bottle of mix)
****The delivered price of $225.00 covers New Castle County only. Additional delivery fees may apply outside of this area.***

* Discounts offered on multiple machine rentals!

:: Included Items

  • 75 Margaritas / Daiquiris

  • Pick up and delivery

  • Setup and mixing of your first batch

  • Mixing Containers

  • Margarita Machine Cart

  • Extension Cord

:: Items You Provide

  • 8 oz. or smaller cups

  • Alcohol

  • Dedicated 20 amp Outlet

  • Designated Driver!